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Here come the Holidays!

I’ve always loved the holidays.  The number one reason is because it has always created such great stories to tell.  We have never been a traditional family in any way, shape, or form.  We are not the Waltons, but more like the Griswolds.  Including one year eating turkey jerky because we decided deep frying the turkey would be fun.  I am famous for forgetting at least one side dish that was sitting in the oven to stay warm and remembering it the next morning.

I’d like to start this week’s blog with a few interesting facts about Thanksgiving.

Calvin Coolidge was given a live raccoon on Thanksgiving.  This was supposed to take the place of a turkey for the First Family’s meal.   They instead named it Rebecca and kept it as a pet.

Native Americans not only ate cranberries but used them as fabric dye and to heal wounds.

Jingles Bells was originally called “One Horse Open Sleigh” and was meant to be sung on Thanksgiving

The author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” campaigned for a National Day of Thanks.  In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln made it a nationwide holiday.

The first Macy’s Day Parade balloons were let go to just drift away after the parade.  There were no regulations on size.  Until, in 1997 Barney was ripped along its abdomen due to high winds, police had to stab the Pink Panther to stabilize it, and the Cat in the Hat hit a lamppost and crumpled to the ground. Needless to say, organizers instituted size regulations shortly after.

According to Runners World, Thanksgiving is the most popular day in the US for racing.  Any Turkey Trotters out there???? 

According to the National Fire Protection Association U.S. fire departments respond to more than 1,000 fires involving deep fryers each year, resulting in an average of five deaths, 60 injuries, the destruction of 900 homes and more than $15 million in property damage.  Are you properly insured??

~Nancy Zimbardi~