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As I wrap up this discussion about Medicare and Medicare Supplements, I would like to recap a few points I made.

First, it is very important to enroll at the proper time to avoid any penalties down the road.  There are special enrollment periods for certain life changes and an annual enrollment time for Medicare Advantage participates.

Second, even though enrollment in Medicare Part A is automatic, Part B and D and any supplements will need to be added.

Third, the cost can vary per company and there is a plan to fit just about any budget. You will need to take into consideration what Drs and hospitals you use.  That could mean the difference between having a plan that uses a strict Network and having a plan that lets you choose any Dr you prefer nationwide. 

Lastly, Medicare and Medicare Advantage and Supplements can seem confusing and complicated.  That’s why it is important to reach out to an experienced agent, who will help you make informed decisions based on your needs, budget, and lifestyle. 


~ Nancy Zimbardi ~